Friday, December 7, 2012

Fight Predictions for UFC on Fox 5: Henderson vs. Diaz

I'm publishing this now because this Saturday will prove to be a very busy day for me and I simply wont have time to get in and publish it. Saturday morning Lucas has a baseball game at 11:15a, then his baseball end of season party. After that we I’m sure will have to get some lunch, then go back to the house and finish unpacking the front room so we can put up our Christmas tree Sunday. Then Saturday night, UFC free on FOX but Angel has her Christmas party so we are still debating whether I am going to go or not, we can always record the fights but then again it would be good for her to interact with her staff outside of work.

Jeremy Stephens is fighting on the Preliminary card on FX, glad he got back into the mix after the Minneapolis mis-happening, hopefully that is behind him now. Speaking of Lil Heathen, I wrote a post on the Crazy Amigo about the “5 of the Most Memorable Uppercuts in History” and included him in the post. Check it out.

 Now for the UFC on fox 5 pre-fight predictions

Dennis Siver VS Nam Phan         
Many of you remember Nam Phan from the Ultimate Fighter series, probably most likely when he got walked in on in the shower…helping himself out..anywho, he is fighting Germany’s Dennis Siver and though Pham is a tough dude, I think Siver is going to take it.

Projected Winner: Dennis Siver, 2nd Round, TKO

Yves Edwards VS Jeremy Stephens
Though Yves has been in the game for a long time, I think Jeremy is going to take this one. He has heavier hands and I simply have to stay on the same side as my roots. Lil’ Heathen is from Des Moines, Iowa and I could share some experiences with him but that would be an individual post in itself – good times Jeremy & good luck tomorrow!

Projected Winner: Jeremy Stephens, 2nd Round, KO

Mike Swick VS Matt Brown
Matt Brown is a strong up and comer while Mike Swick is a good fighter; he hasn’t shown much lately that he is moving forward and progressing his fighting skills. Swick just isn’t as crisp as he used to be and has many rungs on the ladder to climb before he sees a chance at a title shot. I think Brown is going to take this one.

Projected Winner: Matt Brown, 3rd Round, Guillotine Choke (probably rear naked)

B.J. Penn VS Rory MacDonald
Oh B.J., why did you have to jump on the bandwagon and retire in the cage like a chump after you lost? You lost a lot of respect from a lot of high authority figures. Rory has only had a few fights in the UFC and isn’t past his prime. Penn, you are a good fighter and flexible as hell, your just too old – join Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell on the couch, Rory is coming with a TKO.

Projected Winner: Rory MacDonald, 3rd Round, TKO

Maurício “Shogun” Rua VS Alexander Gustafsson          
Oh man this is going to be a tough one, Shogun is coming off a win in August over Brandon Vera while Gustafsson is on a 5 fight win streak taming two big names including Thiago Silva and Matt Hamill. Both Gustafsson  and Rua are great strikers and I think this fight is going to come down to stamina and heart. That being said, both fighters have great workout strategy and tremendous amount of heart so I am going to lean more on the experience on this one, Shogun.

Projected Winner: Maurício “Shogun” Rua, 2nd Round, TKO

Benson Henderson VS Nate Diaz
Henderson is from Phoenix, since I currently reside here I am leaning his direction and I guess, I have never been a huge fan of either of the Diaz brothers. Though Nate has both good hands and a sick ass ground game, I think that he is going to either get rocked or want to take it to the judges and shoot for takedowns to gain points. 

Projected Winner: Nate Diaz, 3 Rounds, Decision

Feel free to leave a comment on who you think is going to win, here is the entire fight card, copy / paste if you like:
Benson Henderson VS Nate Diaz
Maurício Rua VS Alexander Gustafsson
B.J. Penn VS Rory MacDonald
Mike Swick VS Matt Brown
Yves Edwards VS Jeremy Stephens
Raphael Assunção VS Mike Easton
Ramsey Nijem VS Joe Proctor
Daron Cruickshank VS Henry Martinez  
Tim Means VS Abel Trujillo
Dennis Siver VS Nam Phan
Scott Jorgensen VS John Albert

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