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UFC 168 Weidman VS Silva and Rousey VS Tate Fight Predictions

rhonda rousey ugly faceHey UFC fans, if you have made it here it is because you were searching either the  Chris Weidman VS Anderson Silva fight or just hoping to see Rhonda Rousey get a taste of her own medicine by getting her face beat in. It won’t look too different than that ugly face she makes when she is mad.

As you all may know, I love to watch MMA and this New Years Eve card will be one to remember! Not only will the fights be good, but Angel and I are having a UFC party at our house Saturday night as well. Beer pong, corn-hole (known as bags by most), beer, good people making a great time. Pretty stoked to have people over and watch Miesha Tate treat Rousey to some of her own medicine by reversing her arm bar and pounding Rousey out in round 2.

Arm bar is the only way Rousey has finishes her opponents, I’m sure by now Tate knows a few ways to defend and counter it. C’mon Rousey, let’s be a little bit more versatile. Expand the victories with something else, we’re all bored! Miesha Tate has brought new life (and better looks) into this match up and could possibly help make UFC 168 one of the top PPV purchases of the year.

So let’s jump into my picks for this weekends fight:

Chris Weidman (C) VS Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva has been one of the longest title defending Champs in the UFC. You probably remember Silva dancing around Weidman last May and then Weidman capitalizing with a vicious knock out. 

After the fight, Silva said that Weidman earned it and Silva didn’t act like he wanted the rematch. Only days later the UFC announced the rematch for this weekends fight. Silva is coming back to avenge a loss but after Weidman has already fought him, he should know what to expect. That being said, Weidman is going to get the W.

Projection: Chris Weidman, Round 4, Knock Out

Rhonda Rousey (C) VS Miesha Tate

As mentioned in the opening paragraphs of this post, Rousey has finished all of her opponents in the UFC by arm bar in the first round. Also earlier mentioned, she has the ugliest ‘mean face’ I have ever seen on a female fighter. Just looking at her face pisses me off. 

That being said, I hope Tate can land some good punches and take that shit eating face into a fist eating face. Tate lost to Rousey once before, guess how – arm bar. Who would have thunk! Tate is going to come out knowing how Rousey fights and I am 100% positive Tate has been training and practicing reversals for Rousey’s signature move. That being said, Tate is going to bring Rousey into the second round, Rousey will shoot, get the takedown, move in line for her arm bar and Tate is going to reverse it into a leg lock, knee bar, or maybe even pretty up Rousey’s face with some ground and pound, which is the outcome many UFC fans would love to see.

Projection: Miesha Tate, Round 2, Ground and Pound!

Chris Leben VS Uriah Hall

One of the only other fights on the card that brings any real interest to me, the Leben VS Hall bout. If Hall doesn’t know that Leben has a good chin and a big left hand by now, he may find out tomorrow night. However, Hall is extremely explosive and has the potential to get that split second Knock Out. 

Leben has fought only three times in the last three years, losing all three. This is a bang or bust fight for Leben. If he wins, he may get a contract extension, but if Leben loses, it may be the last time we see ‘The Crippler’ in the UFC octagon. Hall has also lost his last two fights and Dana White says ‘Hall is not a fighter.” On top of that, Uriah has some serious mental demons that he needs to deal with if he is going to continue to be a contender in the UFC Middleweight division. I think if Hall is ready for this fight mentally, he will take home the purse.

Prediction: Uriah Hall, Round 2, Knock Out

Here are the rest of the UFC 168 fights as well as my predictions.
Josh Barnett  VS Travis Browne – Winner: Barnett
Jim Miller  VS Fabrício Camões – Winner: Miller
Dustin Poirier VS Diego Brandao – Winner: Poirier

Preliminary card (Fox Sports 1)
Gleison Tibau VS Michael Johnson   Winner: Johnson
Dennis Siver VS Manvel Gamburyan – Winner: Siver
John Howard VS Siyar Bahadurzada – Winner: Howard

Preliminary card (Online)
William Macario VS Bobby Voelker – Winner: Voelker
Robbie Peralta VS Estevan Payan – Winner: Payan

Think you have better picks? 
Leave your comments on who you think will win.

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