Wednesday, March 20, 2013

5 Easy Steps to Use Google’s New GIF Search Functionality

If you are a visual person who uses Google image search a lot, you may find something new that was just released this week. Google has added animated .gif image search filter options to their image search where you can find images coming to life.

If you want to filter your search to provide animated gif listings in your image search, take these 4 simple filtering steps:

1. Do a Google Search - use whatever term you want.

google gif search

2. Filter by ‘Images” - this will tell Google you want to see pictures

google gif image search

 3. Click ‘Search Tools’ - this will give you a selection to choose from.
google gif search filter

4. Click “Any Type” - this will allow for a dropdown will appear. 
google gif any type filter

5. Sort by “Animated” - this will now allow animated GIF’s to appear in your image search results. 
animated gif search filter
 And there you have it. 5 Easy steps to implement Google's new .gif search functionality in Google Image search results.

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