Thursday, January 3, 2013

Meet My Family..

It is the start of a new year and I am happy to be alive. I figured I would push a post about my family, some of the good things about them so you can see how truly blessed I am to have these people in my life.

Lucas, 5. Lucas is awesome. He is my little dude and will be forever regardless of if we are having a boy or girl in May. He will be going into kindergarten in the fall and should do well, hope the teacher is NOT Mrs. Davis (Jasmyne’s old Kindergarten teacher). I have coached his t-ball team for three years now and seeing his smile melts my heart. I’m a sucker for the kids, straight up. I would do anything for them anytime, anywhere, just because – and sometimes they see that and take advantage. Luke is a little cowboy, he gets it from Cowboy Grandpa and we even got him to ride on a few sheep, its called mutton busting for those who don’t know.

Jasmyne, 7. Such a smart little girl. She is precious in every way. Jasmyne is in second grade and I hear she is the perfect / ideal student in school, that’s awesome. She has right around 100 baby dolls and she is going to be an amazing big sister and babysitter for Baby Love. She just lost her two front teeth within the last month or so and is still one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen.  I want to get her into dept store ad modeling and see if she likes it, she is very photogenic and loves to smile for the camera too.

Angel Hesseltine. My wife, my love. We met in 2008 and have fallen for eachother each and every day, since that day. Never would I had thought, I would be married by age 25 and expecting a baby at age 26. Angel is already a great mom and I cannot wait to wake up in the middle of the night to make a bottle and change a stinky ass, not Angel’s – the baby’s of course. Angel is the director of a private pre-school in Gilbert, AZ and she also oversees another 5 schools in Tucson.  She is an amazing person and I cannot wait to grow old with her.

Baby Love, 0. Baby Love is not born yet. He/she doesn’t even have a name yet, we actually find out tomorrow what the sex of the baby is, so maybe I will come back and update the post letting you all know – probably just publish a new one. So the reason we call him baby love is because of Lucas. When Angel and I first found out she was prego, within a week or two Lucas somehow came up with ‘Baby Love’ and it has just kinda stuck, I’m not sure if he will ever lose the nickname now..

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  1. I'm so happy that you and Angel found each other! You are truly 2 of the most amazing and caring people I know. Those kids are extremely lucky to have you both! Can't wait to meet Baby Love!!