Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Scary Dream Last Night - Old Demon Man

So last night we did our usual, got home from work, cooked dinner, played with the kids for a bit and then got them ready for bed. I ended up turning on Tiger Woods PGA Tour about 11:30 thinking I could get a quick 18 holes in, nope. I played a 4 round Pebble Beach tournament and didn’t get done until about 1am in the morning. Not the reason for the post but only a brief interlude. 

Reason for the post, had probably one of the scariest dreams I have ever had last night. If you know me well enough, I like scary movies, ghosts and other weird shit like that – it doesn’t really scare me. The dream I had last night (actually 5:15 this morning) in fact woke me up out of a dead sleep and it took me a good 15 minutes to try and fall back asleep. When it is pitch black, you can hear every little sound. Not to mention that I have two dogs that can hear everything too, so it really freaked me out when they are both looking around and mini-bark-growling….at nothing? Who knows, houses creek and clunk all the time, you just don’t notice until it is dead silent.

So to get into the dream. Yes, I will try and describe it in the best way possible, there was a lot more too it but I’ll just give you the meat and potatoes. 

I was visiting in..a house..an older house which I presume had a living ghost / shadow person / demon living in their presence. I do not remember who lived there, nor why I was there; however I do remember whoever had brought me there wanted my help. When I was getting a tour of the old Victorian house, I could distinctly see the shadow person walking up the stairs, down the hallway and into the bathroom..I specifically remember the lady who owned or lived in the house look and point at the dark figure walking down the hallway and into the bathroom. She says “Oh yeah, he lives with us. He usually isn’t any trouble but he does mind himself. Go ahead, tell him to flush the toilet when he is done..” I remember looking at this older woman like ‘Are you crazy? You can’t be serious..’ and she nodded her head and told me to inform this shadow person to flush when he is done, so I did. I yelled up the stairs and said “Make sure you flush when you are done,” not 30 seconds later we hear the toilet flush – I remember thinking to myself while dreaming, ‘wow this is strange,’ and then we went about the rest of the house tour..we walked upstairs, getting closer to the shadow person and as we reached an open part in the hallway, I could see him standing in front of the mirror, but he wasn’t a shadow person anymore, he was a older white gentleman (who looked as he had seen better days) with long scragley white hair, when he would focus in the mirror for a few seconds his face changed to an adolescent ginger male as he was stuck in the mirror as a 20 something year old guy but forever living in the shadows as an old man trying to find the meaning of life..i don’t know. Also, a little girl was in the house with me on the tour; she was about 7 years old and infatuated with trying to see this man and spy on the bathroom. Weird shit.

We moved on continuing the tour of the house where just down the hallway from the haunted mirrored bathroom was my bedroom for the night (I’m assuming) because later in the story, you will find out more.. by this time, it was dark outside. The tour was over and the lady owner of the house was busy elsewhere, this little girl kept hanging around the bathroom waiting for this old shadow man to appear in the bathroom again. 

As I am setting up the things in my room, I hear her scream. I run out of my room to find her in a daze staring through the stairwell into the mirror, only to see the old man staring back at her; he was drawing her over the edge of the stairways, he was trying to have her indirectly hurt herself. I picked her up and took held her in my arms so her face couldn’t see the mirror in the bathroom with the old man glaring back at her. 

He is now staring at me, blank face and no expression, just an old, wrinkly, long white haired man when seamlessly, his face flash changes in the mirror with demon-like facial features. Scared the shit out of me and I ran me and the girl back safely to my room and continued in the dream. 
At this point, I knew the man was not good for anyone in the house, no matter the ‘good old man’ front he was putting on for the old lady who lived there he probably had a crush on. After hearing the screams of the little girl, the woman who owned the house ran into my room asking what was the matter. I informed her of the situation and she replied, “He doesn’t really like other guys being in the house, this is why I need your help,” I peeked out the bedroom towards the bathroom and he was no where to be seen, just as I began to speak to the old woman she cried out “There’s the shadow, its coming this way,” and it was coming fast. It seemed as it was running for the bathroom and the only way to get there was to pass the room we were all in. As the room door was wide open, we see the dark mist figure flying down the hallway towards our room headed for the bathroom, I stick my arm out and clothes-line it in the stomach. It felt SOO real I woke up from my dream in a pool of sweat. I never wake up from scary dreams, I try and embrace them to beat them somehow..well after that clothes-line, I was pretty much freaked out. I know it wasn’t the climax that the story had built up to be but damn, if I could replay the dream in your head, you would have pissed yourself. 

Once I woke up, I thought to myself, you cant clothes-line a ghost, it had to be something else, something trying to take form, something evil.  I couldn’t go to sleep for at least 15 min after that. The dogs are looking around and min-barking as I mentioned earlier and I kept hearing noises..i have no clue how I got back to sleep but I did fall asleep for just over an hour before I woke up for work..

Anyway, happy scary dreams to you. If anyone knows of a dream to video converter, let me know..

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