Friday, January 25, 2013

Over an Hour Drive Time to Work Daily – One Way!

Okay so I live 33 miles away from U-Haul corporate office, with Phoenix traffic in the morning, it takes me right around an hour to get to work each day. On holidays it isn’t so bad because many people take time off so it only takes me about 45 minutes to get to work but what I really want to do, is pull in the HOV lane.

So, in order to drive in the HOV lane during peak traffic times, I would need a hybrid vehicle, carpool with someone or ride a motorcycle. Out of those two options, I like number three. I will get to work faster, be back on two wheels and come one step closer to quitting smoking. Because traffic is so bad during rush hour, its stop – go – stop – go, just like a Pennzoil commercial when I drive I just have to smoke. Solution = if I ride, I cant smoke.

So here are the options I’m looking at for getting a motorcycle once my Envoy sells:

2000-2008 Suzuki GSX-R
This bike is a 2004, she is pretty damn sexy if you ask me. I like how the body is a bit more wide than Yamaha’s and I have ridden one GSX-R in my lifetime and it wasn’t the comfiest ride but it does look good going down the street. The second picture is the newer model GSX-R which still looks good and I would ride the hell out of.

2001-2007 Kawasaki Ninja 636
I have never been a fan of Ninja’s, never. Matt Brill showed me a few pictures of the Kawi 636 and I became a fan of the specific model because the plastics are a bit different and it is faster than a regular 600cc motorcycle. I will not get a bright green one if I find one that is in my price range..ill probably scrape off the Ninja decal too.

Honda Repsol
Don’t care what year, just has to be bigger than 500cc. These bikes are sweet. Not to crazy about the colors but that along with the motor is what makes a Repsol, you immediately know what they are if you see one driving down the road. I have been told these bikes are fun as hell to ride.

Ducati 749
Ducati’s are sexy as shit. More of a race bike but I just think they look…..GOOD. I have never ridden one and have been told they ride different and have a different gear box since they are built with belts and a dry clutch. Regardless, I came across one of these at a local sportbike dealership for around 6k. It doesn’t really matter if I get a 749, 848, 1098, 1199 – doesn’t matter. If I have the opportunity to ride one of these baby’s, I’ll probably end up buying her.

Whatever I get, it will be bright so people on the road can see me and loud as shit so people on the road can hear me coming.

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