Friday, January 18, 2013

Fight Predictions for UFC on FX: Belfort vs. Bisping

Are you ready for a busy weekend? I’m not. Our plans are to sleep in Saturday morning, wake up and lay in bed half the day and probably watch a movie together while the kids play oh-so-nice together for a few hours. I think we will be going over to Matt and Kacey’s house to celebrate Matts birthday that was Wednesday the 16th and then probably end up watching UFC on FX at their place.

Regardless of our low key Saturday, it should prove to have a good ending. Vitor Belfort is fighting Michael Bisping on FX for FREE – Yepp, that’s the best part, free money. 

Thought about hitting up Big Ryan (RyKno) and seeing if he wanted to hit Hooters on Mill Ave for the fights but the truth is, I’m just getting over a cold, Matt is just getting over a cold, Lucas just came down with a cough and Ashlyn has been coughing for a month or so now..

So, to the point of the post – Fight Prediction:

Vitor Belfort VS Michael Bisping
To start off, Vitor is old – but still has some fast hands. Bisping is coming off a win over Brian Stann which was pretty controversial. Vitor has way more experience than Bisping but to his credit, Bisping has had over 15 fights in the UFC spotlight since his first appearance in The Ultimate Fighter in 2006. Also, Vitor is a bit more hungry than Bisping since he is coming fresh off a loss last September to current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Vitor has won 7 of his last 10 fights only losing to Dan Henderson, Anderson Silva and as mentioned current champ Jones.

Projected Winner: Vitor Belfort, Round 3, TKO

Daniel Sarafian VS C.B. Dollaway
I didn’t watch too much of this seasons TUF so I don’t know too much about Daniel Sarafian other than he is coming into this fight with C.B. with four consecutive wins and looking to make his way up the middleweight ladder with Anderson Silva in sight. He will have to win a few more fights before he gets there but if he continues to get his hand raised, he will make it soon enough. I like C.B. Dollaway, met him on Mill Avenue once a few years ago at the old library. Though he hasn’t had the best performances in his last few fights, he did pull out a win of Jason Mayhem Miller last May, regardless, that was 9 months ago and I’m assuming he is going to come out in top shape.

Projected Winner: C.B. Dollaway, Round 2, Rear Naked Choke

Gabriel Gonzaga VS Ben Rothwell
Gabriel Gonzaga used to be a big name, many remember him for his infamous head kick KO to Mirco CroCop back in 2007, but it has been 5 years, he has lost a lot of resepect and fights including losses to Shane Carwin, Junior dos Santos and recent TUF winner Brendan Schaub. Despite Gonzaga being old, Big Ben doesn’t deserve to be in the UFC, they should have cut him after his losses to Andre Arlovski and Cain Velasquez in 2009. Maybe they paired these guys up because Rothwell beat Schaub just last year in only 1:10 seconds of the first round.

Projected Winner: Gabriel Gonzaga, Round 1, TKO

Thiago Tavares VS Khabib Nurmagomedov
To start off, Angel hates Thiago Tavares, which makes me like him even more. He is coming off a two fight win streak over notable names Sam Stout and Spencer Fisher (who I almost bought a pitbull puppy from when I lived back in Iowa). I’m pretty sure Angel doesn’t like him because when he wins, he slashes his throat with his thumb..she says he is too cocky. Nurmagomedov is from Russia and his record is 18-0. He recently beat Gleison Tibau and Kamal Shalorus…and another 16 Russian bums dating back to 2008 in events much smaller and less known than UFC, WEC, Strikeforce and Pride – basically means he was fighting people who didn’t know what the fuck they were doing and got 16 W’s from it. Tavares will be a challenge for you Nurmagomedov, get ready.

Projected Winner: Thiago Tavares, Round 3, TKO

Go ahead and comment on FB or on my blog on your thoughts, let’s see if you can go 4-0 tomorrow night, I know I will be.

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